grano bossolasco


Pasta Bossolasco came to me with a capital P in a dream: to produce quality Pasta with wheat grown only in Piedmont.


Our family's roots lie in the Savigliano countryside, a land of great agricultural tradition, caressed by the winds and made fertile by a harmonious alternation of sun and rain, heat and cold. For generations, this is where we have cultivated our passion for agriculture and a desire to express the value of our land through quality production.


It is among these clods of earth that we had an inspiration. One day, while walking through our countryside, just for fun, we started talking about how it would be both crazy and wonderful to create a Piedmontese pasta by following the entire supply chain, from planting to processing, reinterpreting this typical product of southern Italy on our land. These conversations became a dream and this dream an ambitious project, which is now a reality.


Our farming culture has taught us that to make things well, it takes time. So we dedicated months and endless effort to choosing the quality of durum wheat that could grow best in our area. After of a lot of searching, we found our protagonists: Levante, Odysseus, Sy Cysco are the varieties of wheat that now grow in our fields. From a mixture of these different types of wheat, which are produced thanks to the perfect combination of properties and subtle differences, comes the excellent raw material of our pasta.


Each type of grain has a particular life cycle and a specific harvest time. From generation to generation our family has learned to recognize the perfect time to get the best out of every variety. After the harvest, the wheat is left to rest in the silos, until the time of grinding, by means of a traditional mill. Once again the protagonist is the slowness. The wheat passes carefully through smooth and grooved rollers, which do not overheat the flour, to preserve the valuable properties of the raw material.


Spaghetti, Penne, Trenette... how many shapes could a dream have? There's no limit, as long as the product has the right consistency. This is why we chose the bronze drawing method, which gives the dough the right texture and porosity that enables it to be combined with the right sauce. The drying phase fixes a better quality of each format: with each having its own cooking time, method and temperature. Just as nature takes nine months to mature durum wheat, similarly the craftsmanship of our pasta must take time, even if it means less production. Only careful preparation can protect all the properties of the raw material. So, short pasta waits patiently on wooden frames and long pasta remains hung on a frame of reeds, until it is ready to be sent to the best shops, be used by the best chefs and to give a unique taste experience. A story, born from the earth and passion, that we want to share with more and more people like us, who have fallen in love with quality cooked pasta.